“Gain meaningful, hands-on experience and career-building skills as an intern at SourceGeek”

Each summer, SourceGeek welcomes a diverse, talented group of students into our eight- to 10-week paid Internship Program which spans three functional areas across the firm: Consulting, Technology, and Corporate Operations. Because SourceGeek serves the public sector exclusively, every SourceGeek intern – regardless of functional area – has the opportunity to support those in our communities who need it most. Since 1986, this public sector focus has set SourceGeek apart from other management consulting firms; we are proud of the more than 35 years we have spent designing and delivering solutions that improve how government operates and how it best serves those who depend on it. Interns may play a direct role, working on a client’s project team, for example, or an indirect role, assisting an operations team in service to our client project teams—either way, all of our interns contribute to the firm’s mission of improving government to advance positive outcomes community.

SourceGeek seeks intern candidates who are…

Looking for an educational work experience in a challenging, fast-paced environment

Interested in the public sector, technology, and/or business operations

Interested in the public sector Passionate about problem solving operations

Interested in the public sector Driven to make a difference operations

Considering a career in management consulting operations

Actively enrolled in a higher education/further education program

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